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Of course, nothing is ever without rules. We expect that they are followed. After all, they are not too difficult to follow. Here they are in no random order.

1 ► Do not god-mod. You can't control someone else's character. If there is something you'd like to do that involves another player, please confer with that player. Depending on the situation, players are instantly banned when this rule has been broken.

2 ► Unfortunately, no one is god here. They can claim to be, but your character is not god. So Yagami Light needs to get over himself.

3 ► Please respect each other. This also means keeping the OOC drama and flames out. We'll have a lot more fun that way. Believe it.

4 ► With regards to #3, if you believe someone is not playing their characters correctly, please do not concrit unless you have received permission from the player.

5 ► This game only accepts characters from: domestic cartoons (i.e. Kim Possible, Avatar, Batman Beyond, etc.), domestic comic books (i.e. Batman, Superman, Flash, Wolverine, Gambit, Silver Surfer, etc.), manga (i.e. Imadoki, Mr. Full Swing, etc.), anime (i.e. Samurai Deeper Kyo, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Bleach, etc.), and video games (i.e. Final Fantasy series, King Of Fighters, Resident Evil, Metal Gear, etc.) Any characters from Live Action series or movies or books (i.e. Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Heroes, House MD, etc.) are not allowed. If, however, the Live Action series has an animated counterpart, please consult a moderator for more details.

6 ► In addition to #5, characters must be human or humanoid and be standing on two feet? :D Also, they must also be at least 14 years of age so that they are at least old enough to enroll in the Magnet School which houses high school students.

7 ► Please be canon with your characters' personality. You are also expected to keep certain relationships with your characters even if you don't like them. i.e. Hijikata, Kondo, and Okita are all in Shinsengumi; Eliwood and Hector are best friends, etc.

8 ► Graphic natures are pretty much unavoidable in this RP. When posting logs, please be sure to place correct warning labels when mature situations are present. (i.e. smut, gore, etc.) Friend-lock logs if you feel safer doing so.

9 ► If you'd like to apply for a character that has died, you may do so as long as it is within reason.

10 ► The character limit is 10. We would like you to pay attention to all the characters that you play, and you may only apply for 3 at once. The mods have the right to postpone judgement on apps on any characters thereafter.

11 ► Do not create a journal for your character until you have been accepted to play them. This causes a lot of confusion for the mods.

12 ► You are not allowed to play two characters who have blood relations with each other. For example, if you already play one of the Hitachiin twins, you cannot play the other. If you play Rikku, you cannot play (FFX) Cid.

13 ► With the exception of the Marvel and DC universes, there are no alternate versions allowed in this game. This means no Kingdom Hearts versions. KH's version of Cloud, Sephiroth, "Leon", Seifer, Fuu, Rai, Yuffie, Tifa, Cid, and Aerith? Not allowed. This also means the Final Fantasy Tactics versions of Cloud and Balthier are not allowed as well.

14 ► Remember that OOC-knowledge DOES NOT EQUAL IC-knowledge. If you have any problems with another player, please contact a mod.

15 ► We ask that you post for your character at least once per week whether it be an IM log, a real-time log, or a journal entry. If your character does not post in any of those methods in 3 weeks, we will consider your character dropped and will be put on the drop list.

16 ► Remember, have fun. This is only RP after all.



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